Make Meeting Requests


Week One


To do list

  • Revise your profile: click here for the guide

  • Submit what you want us to include in your LinkedIn Summary

  • Submit what you want us to include in the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile


Meetings to be scheduled

  • “Midway” Meeting: Week Two

  • NO MEETING ON WEEK THREE = so that we can work on adding contacts

  • Next month’s “Preliminary” Meeting: Week Four


Week Two

Prior to the meeting

  • Have your LinkedIn login information ready (make sure your email and password are working correctly)

  • Have your Mac or PC ready (the LinkedIn mobile app doesn’t have all the functions we will need for finding prospects)

  • Try not to be on-the-go 🙂

To do list

  • Submit your targeted contact list and your InMail message to us within 24 hours

  • We contact the 300 targeted individuals


Week Three

To do list

  • Follow up on accepted contact requests


Week Four

Progress Report

  • Number of new contacts?

  • Number of genuine exchanges?

  • Number of meetings booked?

  • Any difficulties encountered?