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Our Mission

Our job is to help you use social networks to achieve turnover or raise funds for your business. We use your professional profile to get you noticed, grow your network, and get you in contact with those who can contribute to reaching your goals.

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CFP Talent allowed me to aptly approach the people I wanted to work with.
— Stéphanie Vignon, Founder and CEO of EUPHUIA Conseil


  • Personalized help in developing your online presence

  • Develop your personal profile in order to grow your community, develop your business contacts, and start getting interviews with prospective partners based on your strategy

2 +

Million contacts

The B2B network we have developed for our clients.


15k +

Business meetings

15,000 business meetings attained by our clients.


12 +

Years of serving businesses

12 years of LinkedIn presence. A privileged relationship with the network and its team.