Personal marketing has become strategic with the explosion of professional social media.  In recruiting, finding customers and raising funds, the leader’s social media presence is the key to success.


Our Missions

CFP Talent programs help leaders develop their personal image on social networks in order to:

  • Recruit new clients in their countries and/or abroad

  • Retain customers

  • Find investors

  • Develop their employer brand for recruitment


Our Services

Community management of your personal profile in order to:

  • Develop your audience or community

  • Get interview with the leaders you are targeting

  • Strengthen your legitimacy in your area of expertise

  • Become the essential expert in your domain


Our Added Value

  • A global service that allows clients to measure the effectiveness of our work by the revenue we generate for them

  • No time commitments

  • A remote program for finding prospects

  • Local and international prospect finding according to the needs of our clients


Our Clients

Business leaders whose shared network now represents more than two million contacts.

Today, we work within 5 different linguistic worlds.